Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spreading the love

3-23-10 grateful brain
I am surprising myself. I usually dread the switch to Daylight Savings Time in the spring, but this year I seem to be adjusting better. Perhaps being forced into it last week due to the training workshop in Iowa City was a good thing. This week too, I have been able to get up early and enjoy the morning sunrise. After that long, hard winter, I vowed to myself to enjoy every moment of springtime that I can. I am back in a good mood and back to spreading the love.

The tree guys were back bright and early today and I provided them with coffee and donuts. Such a great crew deserved some appreciation and praise. From my experience with them, I can recommend Wright Tree Service in Des Moines.

I am also grateful for two sunny warm days in which the trees work could be completed.


  1. I'm also enjoying the transition, better than I thought I would. And my 10 min of Vit D at lunch time! :)

  2. welcome back peace sister! I thought we'd lost you for good...so, so happy that you are feeling better and feel like spreading the love.... :)

    Didn't you just hate seeing your tree go down? :( Such a sad thing when a big tree has to go.