Friday, March 5, 2010

TGIF Phoenix

3-5-10 unrested brain
Friday morning and I am out of bed before I was ready to get up….. Had breakfast with Greg. I’m really dragging today. I’m tired and ready to go home.

I’ve enjoyed the warm weather here for sure, but I’m afraid this hotel is the noisiest place on earth! It’s just east of the airport, next to some train tracks, next to a fire station…. And last night there was a party pool-side which kept me awake past mid night. Thus, I really have not been sleeping well at all which is leaving me in a grumpy mood this morning.

Last evening Greg took me somewhere I had never been before but always wanted to go- An Ikea store.

We saw a lot of very cool stuff. Greg was inspired…. I liked what I was seeing and dreaming of possibilities for what our next house #3 could look like…..but for now, rather than accumulating more stuff in house #1 or #2..... I’m ready to starting eliminating more stuff from house #1.

My goal, upon returning home is to really get serious about spring house cleaning in my office. I've made small attempts to straighten out this space from time to time, but I haven’t had it all clean since the spring of 2007.

Reports from Iowa have indicated temperatures in the 40's with melting.... Perfect cleaning weather... just warm enough to indicate spring and to be motivated, but not warm enough to get outside in the yard.

PS: House #3 will happen when house #1 and #2 are sold, and Greg and I find someplace to live together under one roof. When and where that will be- only God knows.

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