Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mountain climbing

3-4-10 productive brain
I am making good progress on my training presentations this week and I’m into a nice routine. Except today- Thursday, I am worn out and had to sleep in a bit. Otherwise I have been getting up with Greg for breakfast, then working in the morning, then break for lunch- which is sitting out by the pool at least for 20 minutes…. I am not overdoing the sun exposure... I get bored after a while, so then go walk to get some lunch … then more work in the afternoon. When Greg gets back from class around 5:00, we walk/exercise, then find a restaurant for dinner.

Two times we have “climbed” this mountain which is close to the Arizona State University campus, which is only a few blocks from our hotel. I suppose down here this is really only a hill, but if this were located in Iowa, it would be a mountain!

We did make it all the way to the very top by the towers. Here is the view half way up, close to the “yellow A”.

I am not homesick yet, so glad we still have a few days left to be here. We board the train early Sunday morning.

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