Monday, March 22, 2010

Manic Monday

3-22-10 spring cleaning brain

Monday was an interesting day, and luckily a sunny warm spring day close to 60 degrees. The "tree lover" that I am, hated today, but it HAD to be done.... This was the planned day to have our front tree removed. We had been thinking about this for several years, but in January, during the ice storm, a branch almost took our power line down…… so we knew it was time to act.

When we first moved into this house spring 1993, there were three of these soft sliver maple trees in the yard. We were told they are just “giant weeds”, since they are fast growing, and drop limbs easily. At first we had all three trimmed up, then as the years passed and when our new sewage line was put in, two of the trees came down. To replace them, we planted a wonderful hard maple tree which has beautiful red autumn leaves, and we planted a small service-berry tree which has pretty blooms in the springtime.

Part of the day I was without power since the lines where let down for safety reasons and I am happy to report that I started a great cleaning project in my home office. I was in the mood to do some real spring cleaning! I’m so happy that I was motivated.

Now tomorrow, the tree guys will be in the back yard to trim those trees, since one had a limb fall on our garage roof during the ice storm. Luckily no damage was done.

The stump will be removed at some point tomorrow also.

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