Thursday, March 11, 2010

Re-entry.... spring!

3-11-10 refreshed brain
First thing Tuesday morning, back in Iowa, I walked a survey around the yard, noting changes from my two weeks away. The temperature was a mild 38 degrees and the snow pile out back was half melted. There are even patches were the grass is showing.

Monday night when I returned to town and drove by the mall, I still saw 10 to 12 foot snow piles in the parking lots, but there has definitely been an improvement from when I had left town the end of February. I am also happy to report my mood has improved. The time away was just what I needed, and time with Greg was wonderful.

Since my return, things have been very damp here in Iowa. Fog or drizzly rain for several days and still above freezing temperatures are turning everything to mud. I’m glad I bought these black rubber boots two weeks ago when I was in KC. I wanted something high top to walk in the snow, but now these will be perfect to wear in the rain and walking on mushy ground... or in flood waters (?)... rivers are high already in Iowa with much more snow to melt!

I was surprised on my outdoor yard survey to find my crocus and a few daffodils on the south side were making their appearance. It’s now official…. Spring has arrived!

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