Monday, March 15, 2010

March Birthdays

3-15-10 birthday brain
When I was in my February funk, a friend suggested I get a gratitude journal. Well, of course I already have a gratitude journal, but it’s true, I had not been writing in it for awhile.

I do believe strongly in gratitude and practicing gratitude is a good way to keep your attitude adjusted properly. So this weekend, I was very grateful to spend time in my hometown with my family, celebrating my Mom’s 82nd birthday. Greg and I drove up Friday night.

I know I am blessed to have my Mom in my life all these years.

For years Mom has been throwing a luncheon for close friends who also have birthdays in March. Several have passed on, but there are still three left in this group of March birthdays, Sherri 62, Terry 72, and Mom 82.

My sister was also there for the party and is spending the week in Iowa with Mom and Dad.

PS: Greg and I enjoyed playing with the cat. This is a rare shot of Trey-kit being quiet. Usually he is a wild man who love to play.... being just a kitten, he is full of energy.

This week will be an intense week at work, since I will be giving training Wednesday - Friday, so this blog will probably be silent all week long.

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