Thursday, March 25, 2010


3-25-10 joyful brain

MY office cleaning project continued this week (but more slowly). But by Tuesday night I had the large recycling can ¾ full already, Monday this large can started out empty.

One interesting find was this old used pizza box.

I had saved this “on purpose” in January. Why? Well, I had jotted some words on this Sunday January 17th while I was driving back to DM from a visit in KC. I don’t “text” on my phone at all, let alone in the car, but during that drive I knew I needed to make record of my experience…. Since I knew it would be one of those special, yet fleeting moments in life. I was experiencing BLISS- dictionary described this as (a state of spiritual joy).

The funny thing I can’t really explain why I was feeling this way at that moment on Interstate 35, north of Kansas City. I remember the country side was beautiful and I had a wonderful time spent with Greg that weekend and I had left feeling totally loved.

I am so glad I kept this pizza box, since I looked at it many times in February when I was experiencing just the opposite of bliss. February I was feeling stressed and crabby most of the time.

Unfortunately, I can’t even make out my writing on the box, so many of the words I was using, to remember this feeling, are not clear. The works I can read are: “I found it!”… "Bliss".... “let yourself be happy”…. living in the moment”…… “state of grace”…. “love contains peace”…

Tuesday this week, I came close to being in that state of bliss again. The sun was shining, and I was driving home from a relaxing acupuncture treatment…. All felt right in my world.

Moments like this need to be remembered, appreciated, and cherished. They are a blessing which appears suddenly, much like a fluttering butterfly crosses your path. I must pause and take note… since the butterfly usually quickly flies on to the next lucky person.

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