Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mountains, red rocks, palm trees, cactus

3-2-10 grateful brain
Although I am not on a vacation from work, I am enjoying my vacation from WINTER. The weather in Arizona is having a healing effect.

Arriving in Flagstaff by train, still put us in mountain snow, but temperatures were mild on Saturday. As we drove down through Sedona, temperatures were a pleasant 50 degrees. We enjoyed lunch there and some red rock views.

Driving into Phoenix later that afternoon, temperatures were low 70’s. First on our list, after checking into hotel in Tempe near the University, was to visit friends Karin and Michael. This would be our only chance to see Karin since she had to travel to London for work this week.

Karin grew up across the street from me, thus she is like a younger sister. Greg and I have visited her and Michael two other times, and sadly I was sick both times. We can laugh about it now and it was a joke this time to see if I’d stay healthy while in Arizona. The first time for their wedding, I got food poisoning and didn’t even get to attend Karin’s wedding after traveling all that way…. That was about 6 years ago. The next visit a few years later, I arrived via airplane with flu and went straight to bed for two days, which was half our visit.

Anyway I’m healthy so far this trip… I hope the spell has been broken. Arizona is a great place to visit.... it has it all going on with a wide variety of scenery.

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