Friday, April 23, 2010

Early Rhubarb

4-23-09 time in the kitchen brain
I made by first Rhubarb sauce last weekend, and I made my first Rhubarb Crisp a few days ago, and here it is only mid-April. Usually Rhubarb is enjoyed in May.

Last year in my blog, I noted I had Rhubarb at the end of April. Click link to get recipe if you are interested. Easy and good! This time I mixed some strawberries into the crisp.... yummmo!


  1. YUM! I've been watching my rhubarb! I always heard that you don't cut/eat rhubarb in any month with an "R". Or is that asparagus?

  2. Oh dear, I broke a rule of mother-nature.

  3. Lori, the R month rule is for horseradish!