Monday, January 12, 2009

2nd attempt!

1-10-09 Left brain

I'll warn you now..... I don't think I can post on a daily basis!
So check out the side panel to the right for two of my friends blogs, just to give you an idea of what a daily blog can be….. "Believe" and "My View from the Mountain"

I remember 10 years ago (pre-blog days) when I was into writing, mostly in a journal or writing for my “Storytelling Art” projects … But suddenly it seemed, when I turned 50, there was a shift in me. Surprisingly the “practical” side of me reappeared. I turned a corner. I’m not sure if I chose this turn or if it was just a natural step. At that time my energy, which got stronger, was refocused back on the business of the day, more interest in world events and politics and more energy towards my research work at the University. After a 5 year period of choosing to work only 80% so I could focus on healing, spirituality, creativity and my art, at age 50, I then chose to go back to work full time earning money.

I still am working on my art, but seemed to accept that it would be “hobby” status for the time being. This surprised me in a way, since just a few years prior, I was envisioning and longing for an early retirement so I could put my focus on my art and creatively. But at that time, when turning 50, it did feel right to take a temporary step back from my creative side, knowing and hoping it would still be there in the future.

Now seeing my friends being creative and sharing their lives through blogging , I find myself wondering if I have somehow been avoiding my feelings by that step away from my intense creative period I had in my 40’s. I also am wondering if this is the time to tippy- toe back in…. back into myself… back into the side of me that is willing to be open, vulnerable and brave enough to examine my feelings, and examine life itself.

Maybe NOW I can start to take time to write again….. not to be creative or inspiring to others, especially during a time which I don’t feel that way, but to take time to reflect on life, to live more consciously, be in the moment, and appreciate this season of life. It appears many changes will be headed my way in 2009 and I may need this to be my therapy.

Thanks Lori and Renee for sharing your creative side with me and giving me inspiration daily with your blogs.

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