Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Timeless Moments

1-11-09 Right brain

Sitting fire side last night, Greg and I both reading..... oh it felt good to relax. I turned away from reading for awhile and just looked into the flames and tried to savor the moment. My mission was to purposely not think, and not to start with the reflecting and examination of life. No pondering of what might lie ahead this coming year.

After reading the book “A New Earthby Eckhart Tolle back in February 2008, I have learned about the wonderful peace of nothingness. I have experienced the blessings which come from striving to stop the intense conversation in my mind. I guess like most things in life, a balance is needed: some reflection and inquiry on the thoughts in my head, and at other times the need to dismiss all the noise my mind produces.

My favorite quote from “A New Earth” page 236…. “Be Still. Look. Listen. Be present.”…. This comes easy as one breaths deeply while watching the dancing flames of a fire. Even Greg eventually put his book down, turned off the lights and silently, hand in hand, we sat enjoying the timeless moment together- mesmerized.

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