Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Feast

1-13-09 Right brain

When I woke up today in Des Moines the thermometer said minus 2.6 degrees! Only a few short days ago, during my Kansas City visit, I enjoyed temperatures that ranged from the 30's up to 60's! There were actually two days it was 65 and I felt spring in the air. It was ever so lovely!

So for those of you who aren't so lucky to have a break yet from THIS Winter, let's just celebrate it with a poem I wrote back in 1997. It also must have been a snowy one that year.

(PS: those KC people are really wimps..... the weather guy on TV was freaking out over 20 degree temperatures! )
(PPS: to quote my neighbor Steve who is blowing my driveway clear for me the last two years... "there isn't bad weather, just bad clothing"................... I guess this proves you just gotta know how to dress for winter!)

"Winter Feast"

New snow, cotton candy delight,
Sweet fluffy dessert, accompanying
Winter's bitter cold entrée.
Captive guests, plates already full,
Long to be pulled away from the table,
But held hostage, force fed till Spring.

The heavenly chef, his mouth spitting sleet,
Shouts- "Bring the next course,
This season's not yet complete!"
The waiter enters with an arctic cuisine,
A frostbitten wind,
Which bites like icicle teeth.

Next with a sprinkle of condiment snow,
An intoxicating blizzard
Is served to us all.
Finally our host, rising up on his feet,
Lifts his glass to toast- "Bon Appetite!"
This is January dining of this year's winter feast.

JSB 1-97

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