Friday, January 23, 2009


I am away from the computer part of this week for eye surgery: I found this old "thought" from my journal last summer. I hope my "new" eyes will bring me better focus!

Beautiful morning here..... sunny with a cool breeze that feels like it's coming off a Minnesota lake. Missy ate some food and I put her out on the back door patio, so I think she is feeling better.

I decide to walk up to Grounds of Celebration (local coffee shop) to get a Chai Tea, mostly to take a short morning walk. Although I could have picked a quieter street to walk on, I just went up Beaver Avenue. There was a lot of traffic that time of the morning, people going to work,…. But I kept my focus on the gardens and flowers along the way, and the traffic just became background noise I could ignore. That reminded me- in life it is important to be aware of what you focus on, since this makes all the difference in what you will experience in life.

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  1. Judy,don't sell yourself short. You did not need your new eyes to get focused. You knew the destiny of Missy and where your new home would be. Timing was just not right until now.

    Your new eyes sharpens your destiny and places you on the path to a new adventure. And I say...go for it.