Friday, January 16, 2009

Dream part one- rearranged room

1-16-09 Sleeping brain
I had a dream two nights ago that seemed like it was trying to show me something important. I walked into a room in our house, although it wasn’t our current house. Often when I have a “house” dream it is something more similar to the house I first grew up in located in Charles City. This house #1 was where the first 12 years of my life occurred. This room was located in that house in my dream, although in reality that room didn’t exist when I lived there. This room looked to be like a den that had a handsome desk, some chairs, book shelves and big window that looked out into the backyard. I could see my mom’s garden full of day lilies.

When I walked into this room, I was surprised and annoyed at Greg to see that he had rearranged the furniture! What was he thinking? I didn’t understand why he had done this right before we were expecting people to come over, but there was nothing I could do about it at that time. I was upset for minute, then I let it go, knowing I could always change it back later. Being in the room felt very strange, yet I realized quickly in my dream that this new arrangement wasn’t really hurting anything- It was just different. Not better, not worse…. just different. Then the company started to arrive…… (see blog posting tomorrow).

I’ve heard before, in dream analysis, that “house” represents you, yourself, your being. So I believe my dream is trying to work me through the changes that are slowly taking place as to where Greg and I will be living in the future. Things maybe rearranged a bit this coming year, things will look different, but I think my dream is showing me that I can adapt.

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