Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trees in the White House

1-20-09 Right brain

Did you break the code from yesterday's posting?
13 15 18 5 20 18 5 5 19 27 12 5 19 19 2 21 19 8 30 31

More trees, less Bush! :)

I saw this on a car bumper sticker several years ago and got a big chuckle out of this. Today a new President is inaugurated. I don’t care if he is black, white, blue, red or any color of the rainbow….. I’m hoping our new President will be more 20 18 5 5 like.

20 18 5 5 19 are one of my favorite things in all of God’s creation! They have a strong beauty with or without leaves; they protect, are stable with deep roots, provide us with oxygen, shade, building materials, hold the soil in place, and are great fun to climb up.

OK yes I am a long time 20 18 5 5 8 21 7 7 5 18

Planting trees is all about HOPE. You start with a small twig, and hope it will grow strong and tall for the next generation to enjoy its benefits.

On 11-4-2008 Hope won out over fear.......and Hope is alive today!
God Bless America! God Bless Trees!

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