Saturday, January 31, 2009

January summary

1-31-08 brain-stem
Wow, last day of January already (I'm in KC this weekend)!
This month's theme has been CHANGE.

To summarize:

1. Eye surgery- I now can see almost perfect 20/20. However, I now have to get use to reading glasses. My brain feels like it is getting re-wired and I'm a little frustrated, but I'm sure before too long I will adjust to this new way of seeing. I love driving the car now! I can see so much that I was missing before!

2. Empty Nest- trying to get use to not having a cat in the house after 15.5 years. I sure do miss Missy's loud purring. She was so comforting at night.

3. New President- I'm still trying to wrap my brain around this. I now need to remove my ear plugs (which have been in place for 8 years) and become interested again on listening to how our country will be lead. With Obama's 80% approval rating coming into office, there is great anticipation and hope for change.

4. Selling Des Moines house- we've made the decision to try to sell our house and reverse our current living arrangements to let Greg take care of a house in Kansas City and I will have a small apartment in Des Moines. This will be a huge change for me but I know I will adjust.... its just thinking about all that will needs to happen to make this possible.... it blows my mind! I will need to surrender the details and place myself in God's hands.

So, as for the new month of February, I will make the theme be
"cleaning out and letting go"!

I normally don't get in the mood to do spring house cleaning until March, but I need to kick it into high gear this month and see if I can make some good progress. I've been trying to simplify and downsize for the last few years, but never seem to get very far. Now I will be forced into it.

I'm looking forward to perhaps this being an enlightening cleansing experience! ??.... well it could happen!

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  1. Judy, nice summary. This is a start of a new job for you....blogging is a full time job. Have a great weekend in KC and happy house hunting.