Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Big Family of Friends

1-15-09 Right brain (-12 degrees this morning!)
I come from a small family. I have one sister, my mother is an only child, and my father had one sister from which I have two cousins. Even Greg’s immediate family is small. Greg enjoys saying that he came about by the union of a Hillbilly women from West Virginia and an Amish man from Ohio .............(That’s a whole other story)… and although Greg’s father was number seven out of fourteen Amish children, Greg has only one brother. Greg and I together have two nephews, and one niece.

Early on, an important lesson I learned from my parents is that good friends can become your family. I feel so blessed to have a Big Family of Friends which spreads across many parts of this country! With this in mind, I created a special “poem” for all of you!

My Friends are like the dark rich soil of Iowa,
A fertile place where I can put my roots down deep,
My Friends give me stability and provide me with the loving

nutrients to grow strong,
So when the winds of change come and blow me around,

I’m able to bend instead of break.

It looks like many changes will be headed my way this year with probable move of house to Kansas City..... and setting up an apartment in Des Moines. Oh yes, and Eye Surgery this month! (more on that later......)

Love and Gratitude to all my Friends!

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  1. Being an only child, I can relate. My friends are my sisters! I love your poem! Keep writing.