Monday, January 19, 2009

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1-19-09 Left brain

A friend just upgraded to a new MAC for Christmas ....(Not a “Big Mac” hamburger but a “MAC” computer), and she is diligently working on learning how to use her new “toy”. She is even taking some MAC classes. I'm wondering when was that line drawn in the sands of time, in which computers crossed over from being just a new fun technology toy, to being something so main stream in our lives that it is hard to function without? And as the toys keep evolving, there is a real struggle to keep up, especially for those over age 50!

Sure my Mom and Dad in their 80’s told us they were not interested in getting a computer, and they seem to do just fine without one. Dad is still wonderful about sending people creative cards he makes and Mom writing letters, and I admit it is great getting that “old fashion” letter in the mail box outside the front door! But for most of us average working people, computers, cell phones, iPods are just standard equipment now a days. The young kids keep pushing us old folks to keep up. I know I’m out dated now, since my cell phone is basic and does not text and does not take pictures. But I’m OK with that for now. ……...... Boy, Am I starting to sound like Andy Rooney about now? I can even hear his voice in my brain!..... why is that?

Anyway, my friend with the new MAC asked me what a BLOG was, when I told her I was thinking of starting one. To tell you the truth I didn’t really know, just an online diary I speculated. So I did some research: Blog comes from the word Web Log. It's kind of like "we blog". I wonder why it wasn’t E-log for electronic log? Or iLog….. “I” as in self….. since blogs seem a bit self important, self indulgent to me. I guess Steve Jobs would have had to invent the iLog.

Then I wonder, should a person worry about putting thoughts out into the public? What if giant Home Land Security (HLS) Computers are scanning blogs for suspicious words written by terrorist?….. you know like the word..…. Well I guess I’m afraid to write any of those words, just in case. I’m sure I’m already on a HLS watch list since I attended several peace rallies in 2003. I hope they didn’t mind me writing about George Bush a few days ago…… well just in case maybe I need a coding system. (oh I hope HLS isn’t scanning for that word!)

Let’s just do a simple code, since it may fool the smartest computer scanning devices, as often simple things do: There are 26 letters in the alphabet.
A=1 B= 2.... J=10.... Z=26…. And so on…. You get the picture…. After all you’re learning the MAC computer now! Also (,) = 27 (.)=28 and (?)= 29 and (!)=30… and the smiley face will =31.

Here is my secret message to you:
13 15 18 5 20 18 5 5 19 27 12 5 19 19 2 21 19 8 30 31

Answer to be revealed in the next posting….. tomorrow.
PS: it’s fine to count on your fingers…...............I did :)

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