Friday, January 30, 2009

Why I blog: remembering Lois

1-30-09 Left brain

Why am I blogging?

I’m still trying to figure out why I decided to join into the blog adventure. Well, it does have my creative juices flowing again… but it’s more than that.

I’m usually pretty open with my friends, I don’t hold back too much….. but often I think about the funeral of a church friend who died unexpectedly in her mid 50’s the summer of 2007.

I knew Lois at least seven years through church activities. I loved her smile most of all. She was in the choir and she seemed to laugh a lot and was known for her delicious desserts. It was fun being around her and her husband since they usually seemed light hearted when in a group … they enjoyed poking fun at each other and I guess after 30 years together it still seemed like they were best friends.

Thinking about Lois now, I am sorry that I never had the opportunity to know her at a deeper level…. But her best friend from Ottumwa did. This long time neighbor friend had a deep connection and was able to share that with the rest of us at Lois’s funeral and I’ll always be grateful. It brought much comfort to me.

This had me thinking, would someone be able to talk in depth about me? Could I talk in depth about any of my friends at their funeral?

I think most people have a need to be Loved (number one) and maybe second, the need to be understood and accepted. Unfortunately, everyday life doesn’t allow us to get at that deeper level with ourselves, let alone with our friends. It’s so easy to be distracted. There is too much noise in your lives……
we are too busy rushing off to no where! Or is it just me who often feels distracted, unfocused and blow about in the wind?

I’m blessed to have discovered over the years some tools which bring PEACE to my life, but I often don’t use them like I should. I think blogging has become one of those tools…… and I should keep doing this for a while longer..... even when I don't feel like it.

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