Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting things in order

Sunday 1-18-09 emotional brain

I wasn't going to post today, but I feel the need to get some emotions out of my brain. I started the grieving process today; it's as if a dear family member has been taken to hospice and has been given 6 to 9 months before time runs out. There is the process of "getting things in order": there are people that need to be told of the news..... there are sharing of memories that will be done, and major cleaning!....... then there is the letting go.....

OK, I know I'm probably letting myself get carried away in the drama. But it is one of those days where my emotions are at the top of the glass and easily spilling over, like the tears that well up in my eyes from time to time today ............. I know I'll be fine..... but (heavy sigh)

What is causing this you ask?
Yesterday was the start of goodbye to Allison Avenue.

We met with our Des Moines real estate gal and I could no longer be in denial that we will sell our house in Des Moines. Yesterday also happened to be the evening of our Allison Avenue "Fight the Winter Blues" Progressive Party on the street. It has been planned for over a month. So with many neighbors gathered at once, we started telling people of our plans. Some of course have been in the loop, others were hearing the new for the first time.

We are so blessed to have lived on this street of wonderful people, who many have become our good friends. I know I won't be leaving Des Moines completely since I will now get to have an apartment here, and Greg will have the responsibility of taking care of the house in Kansas City.... And that is going to work out very well I'm sure. I'm just struggling and grieving a bit knowing this chapter of the book is ending, even as I look forward to writing the next new chapter......


  1. I made a comment but it went under another post!

  2. I had a feeling this was brewing...and I'm excited for you. What a neat chapter of your life. Although you have many memories on Allison Ave...remember that the memories go with you...they don't stay in the house. You gave it life and fun and laughter. Otherwise, its just 4 walls. Funny how my scheduled post tomorrow talks about my move from California to Iowa...