Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

4-22-09 Mother Earth brain
Today is Earth Day! Friends have been asking me if I’m doing anything special this year. I guess they still remember 2005. That year I went all out and organized an Earth Day Art Show which featured paintings of the Iowa landscape done by a group of my fellow artists in Des Moines.

We had good press and this was quite successful in raising money for the organization, 1000 Friends of Iowa which promotes responsible development of Iowa’s natural resources and agricultural lands.

This year my celebration will be simple. I plan to enjoy some outdoor time with Greg after work. I have been discovering and appreciating NATURE here in the neighborhood of Old Leawood this week.

First of all on Friday evening, as we sat outside on the backyard deck, I was so excited to see an owl. I wasn’t sure what bird it was at first, sitting up high in a large tree, since it was starting to get pretty dark, ....BUT then it hooted at us as it glided out of our sight. I also heard the owl several times that night when I was in bed. The owl must like our yard since we seem to have many bunnies running around.

I was also happy this week to see that our backyard contains two lilac bushes in the back corner by the forsythia bushes. This week our neighborhood also is in full color with the red bud trees displaying their spring beauty. A few blocks away from our house I discovered this mini neighborhood park that is so typical in parts of KC. Many of these areas include fountains and sculptures which enhances the ambiance of these mature neighborhoods.

There is abundant beauty here to be enjoyed and on such a nice day, I can't wait to get outside after work!

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