Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Name game

4-8-09 filling the void brain

Sorry, not much time to blog this week, I am in Iowa City working. I'm giving some training and attending some educational meetings myself...... Thus I'm filling in with this post..... (Note: I won't have a post tomorrow.... I've decide to take Thursdays off instead of Wednesday)

My friend’s blog a few days ago posted the ABC’s of Life.
(See my right side panel of blog listings: My view from the Mountain on 4-5-09)

I liked this so much that I want to post it here and have everyone spell out your name!

Accept Differences Be Kind Count your Blessings Dream Express Thanks Forgive Give Freely Harm no One Imagine more Jettison Anger Keep Confidences Love Truly Master Something Nurture Hope Open your mind Pack Lightly Quell Rumors Reciprocate Seek Wisdom Touch Hearts Understand Value Truth Win Graciously Xeriscape Yearn for Peace Zealously support a worthy cause.

JUDY = Jettison Anger, Understand, Dream, Yearn for Peace…….
I like that!

PS: I don’t know was “X” is suppose to mean??? I hope your name doesn’t contain an “X”… if you figure it out, let me know!

ADDENDUM to 4-6-09 Monday:
After reading my blog Monday, my Dad phoned me and wanted to add to my knowledge base. Dad was a teacher, thus he explained that on Friday nights he would supplement his/our income by either coaching or officiating football games. Due to this, on Saturday mornings he needed time to recuperate, and thus he had this coffee ritual. I guess I always thought Dad was having fun with his "sports" on Friday nights, I can see now where it was extra work for him.
Next to the "job" of being a mother..... TEACHERS have the most demanding and important "jobs" in the world.... I see that they might need a "break" on the weekends...... but don't forget those MOTHERS.... they need a break once in a while also!

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  1. Xeriscaping and xerogardening refers to landscaping and gardening in ways that reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental irrigation. It is promoted in areas that do not have easily accessible supplies of fresh water, and is catching on in other areas as climate patterns shift. Thanks Wikipedia. I might add an X to my name :).