Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's all about ME!

4-30-09 Narcissistic brain
So on Saturday morning as Greg and I were working out in the yard together, it actually was very pleasant out and I was enjoying the birds singing. I commented, out loud, to Greg how nice it was that the birds are singing for us while we worked. Greg had to use one of his famous lines he uses on me…. (and rightly so)…. Greg often has to remind me…… “it’s not all about you Judy”!

Oh, I keep forgetting that fact……. I guess I have this weird view of the universe, that it IS that personal. It is all about me, at the same time it is all about you, and all about all the other people too, as well as all about that cardinal singing to his mate.

Anyway, this is how our conversation started and it progressed to me pondering out loud (one of my bad habits)…. If life was all about me…. Who would play my role in the movie addition of “my life”.??? I told Greg I would cast Robert Downey Jr in his current role, since when they both have beards, I think Greg looks like him a little.

In the past, I always thought Meg Ryan could probably do a good job playing me, but then she went and had some plastic surgery to her face and ruined her looks…. So she’s out of the question. Then there is Christina Applegate who currently in doing a comedy role on TV. However, I have to remember now that I am middle aged, so maybe Jean Smart, the actress who plays her mother on that TV show, is a better choice of being a dizzy blond (but without the southern accent).

Then Greg reminded me that I would have to cast several people to play me over the years. I think Kate Hudson would be prefect since she has my body: small breasts, dancer’s legs and an amble rear end….. the body I use to have….. Now my shape is returning to my toddler days. I guess menopause is like puberty in reverse.

I'm the younger one here in the black suit. This is when I was going through my "serious phase". I had to post this picture for my sister Jan and also for Alice... they both probably need a good laugh today!

PS: On 2nd thought, maybe Goldie Hawn would be the best to play the part of ME!


  1. I like that... "puberty in reverse"
    You are too funny :)

  2. I hear that all the time, "it's not all about you Ann". So for your life, I like Meg Ryan, plastic surgery and all. In You've Got Mail, you are more like her or is it she more like you? In the Angel movie w/ Nick Cage, she thought provoking like you, describing the taste of the pear. Now that reminds me of you. Later.

  3. Meg Ryan..... OH and don't forget "When Harry Met Sally"! You know the part I'm talking about!