Monday, April 13, 2009

The JOY of being used

4-13-09 frustrated brain

This weekend I came close to adding something new to my “chuck it” list.

What do you see here?

The logical side of my brain thinks I should stop trying to engage certain people in a conversation regarding their paradigm, their perception, and opinions on certain topics…. Like is this a vase or is this two faces?.... or topics like homosexuality, gay marriage, and even politics.

Some people seem to enjoy a good discussion and find it interesting to consider both sides of a topic. Others, I have found are closed, and their paradigm and opinions are set hard in stone.

Last year, I have had email exchange with a local conservative radio guy. This week I felt like I had to speak up to him again after listening to him rant about gay marriage on the radio on my drive home from Iowa City, Thursday night. He likes to constantly use the word "sodomy"...... and "baby killers" when describing people who believe differently than he.

When will I learn that I’m just wasting my time? ….. trying to talk to some people….some people like him…..people who like to use the word "sodomy" to get attention........ THIS is an activity I probably need to put in my “chuck it” list.

However, I am also aware that sometimes the spirit urges me to do things beyond normal reason. Sometimes God uses me …. And uses others… and uses you…. And there is often great joy. I don’t want to “chuck” that potential opportunity.

I love this “morning” prayer my Mary Ann Williamson from her book “Illuminata- a Return to Prayer”

Dear God,
I give this day to you.
May my mind stay centered on the things of spirit.
May I not be tempted to stray from love.
As I begin this day, I open to receive you.
Please enter where you already abide.
Make me the person you would have me be.
Direct my footsteps , and show me what you would have me do.
Make the world a safer, more beautiful place.
Bless all your creatures. Heal us all, and use me, dear Lord, that I might know the JOY of being used by you.


  1. I relate to this, it's hard to hear closed minded people use such derogatory language about fellow humans. I think we just have to listen at any given moment to what we're supposed to do or say. I'm so glad you feel the way you do, and I believe there will be chances to share your views with those who are ready to listen.

  2. Monday night I took it a step farther, I wrote a letter to editor for Des Moines Register newspaper. My percentage of getting published has been fairly high over the years,so I'm hoping I made it in this time around!