Friday, April 17, 2009

My week

4-17-09 routine brain

This week Greg is in San Francisco for a work conference. Originally we had planned that I would join him and we would make this into a vacation. However, since we bought the 2nd house, our budge doesn’t have as much loose change lying around, and I need to watch how I spend my vacation time since I’m saving up for time off this summer for family reunions.

I do have wonderful memories of another trip I made to SF with Greg in 2003. It's fun to look back at these pictures now. That was a good trip with nice weather. My favorite part was either the boat ride in the bay, or the bike ride we took along the bay on a rented tandem bike.

I am disappointed that I won’t have the chance to visit a cool couple, Jeff and Deb, who now live in SF. Jeff was Greg’s boss in 2000 and Deb played am important part in my life in 2001. Deb was my "personal life coach" when I was trying to figure out if I should stick with my current job. I was unhappy at that time. Deb gave me good advice and had me write down the plus side of my job and the negative side of my job. I then discovered that the few negative things that bothered me the most; I did have some control over. Thus I took control and was able to make some positive changes that worked for me. I really wanted to reconnect with Deb since she has had a rough 6 months due to the loss of two family members. I guess it will have to wait until another opportunity. Sorry Deb!

So instead of being on vacation this week, this is what I did:

1. Worked of course, Monday-Friday, I spent most of my time on a breast cancer quality control project and a few other smaller projects. And I either prevented a law-suit or helped save a cancer patient from a recurrence (see yesterdays post).

2. I wrote a Letter to the Editor for the Des Moines Register Newspaper and I received a call that it would be published if there was room this coming week.

3. Monday evening I had dinner with my friend Ann Marie and we watched Dancing with the Stars.

4. Tuesday after work I walked and visited with some neighbors as I made my way down the street.

5. Tuesday evening I watched American Idol.

6. Wednesday after work I raked the front yard garden and mowed the front yard. I was worn out then, so took a hot bath and blogged a bit before bed.

7. Thursday after work I had my monthly Jin Shin Jyutsu (it’s an acupressure type treatment). Boy I needed that and I could tell I was starting to drag.

8. Thursday night I watched the 2nd episode of "that island wedding killing show" on CBS. I wouldn't have watched, but my friend Molly got me started last week. I'm going out on a limb with my prediction- I believe the killer is the sheriff!

My week definitely was not as exciting as it could have been if I was in SF with Greg, but with my "split-in-two-life" there is a sweetness and need for routine. Plus this week I am enjoying perfect Iowa spring weather for a change.... the daffodils are at their peak, the yellow forsythia are in bloom and the grass is greening up fast.

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