Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yes, I will "chuck it"

4-15-09 determined brain
After re-reading my posts from the last few days, and reflecting back on the Easter sermon at my church Sunday, I have come to a decision. I AM now going to have to put Steve Deace on my “Chuck-it” list. Steve Deace is one of the local conservation radio talk-show hosts I occasionally listen to while I drive in the car.

If you view life as a game (which I don’t necessarily do), at times you have to decide which “team” you want to be on. I’ve decided I still want to continue to be on the team that does NOT use words like “sodomy” and “baby killers” to describe a certain group of people. I don’t want to be on that team which appears to use fear to motivate people.

Our new pastor, Stu, during his Easter sermon, made some good sense to me when sharing the good news of the risen Christ. He said that our life, and they way we live it, is shaped by our vision of DEATH. If we are people who don’t believe that Jesus overcame death, then we are people who worry about safety, desire revenge, and want protection against those who appear to be different. OR if we are people who believe in Jesus and life after death, then we are people who believe in God’s everlasting life and love, and these people show this in by living without fear, believe in forgiveness, live with hope, and strive to "love your neighbor as yourself”.

I guess that means I need to try to love Steve Deace in spite of my beef with him. That’s going to be a challenge for me, but I know I can with the help of God’s love. But still, I’m going to put listening to the Steve Deace radio show on my “chuck it” list……. (I'm sure Steve won't even miss me)........ Until perhaps that unsuspecting day when God’s mysterious ways inspire me to tune in the radio as I drive in the car just minding my own business! I’ll still stay vigil to any opportunity to "be used" or to “feed a hungry bird” ...if that opportunity presents itself.

*Picture: Easter Garden at Westminster Church 2009

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  1. You're brave to put it all out there! I learned a long time ago to never talk about politics or religion! :)