Saturday, April 18, 2009

Equal rights under the law

4-18-09 humble brain
One more blog on the topic of gay marriage in Iowa.

My church friend Ted whom I mentioned in my blog on Monday 4-6-09 was interviewed for an article in the Des Moines Register newspaper. Wednesday it appeared. For those of you who would want to read more about Ted, this is a well written article which captures Ted perfectly and the story of his unconditional love for his daughter.

My role as activist and advocate for equal rights pales next to Ted's bright light.

I thought this Opinion article in the Des Moines Register was also good.

Lastly, here is my Letter to the Editor I sent into the Des Moines Register this week. I was attempting to use my "creative thinking" to come up with a new view of the topic. If one side wants ABC and the other side wants XYZ..... maybe we should be looking in a new direction of AJZ ?

Author Stephen Covey ("The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People") believes in "Think Win-Win" and "Synergize".... there is often a 3rd, 4th or more solutions to a problem... a person just needs to think out side of the box!

My Letter to the Editor:
I support state laws that are fair and equal for all Iowa citizens. Those who oppose gay marriage and call for a Constitutional amendment might be onto a good idea. A fair amendment actually could be the win/win resolution to this issue once and for all. I'm proposing that Iowa Law needs to be amended by replacing every reference to the word “marriage” with the words “civil union”. This would make it clear that civil rights are for all committed couples who live in Iowa and is a separate issue from religious doctrine. Churches would then be free to continue to choose which couples they approve of for the holy sacrament of marriage. ..... JSB 4-13-09

Now on to other areas of interest. ..

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