Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Whispering Rocks"

4-23-09 Reminiscing brain
Last Friday I spoke of a friend, Deb, who helped me gain clarity for my life. Also during this time, my friend Steve who lives in Alaska sent me a life-line.... he sent me these "Whispering Rocks"! I put one of these rocks in my pocket today! I'm ready to listen again.....

This is a pastel picture I drew of my special rocks.

Storytelling Art- The words behind the picture!
By Judy Sebern Beachy

Whispering Rocks

Excerpts from “Judy’s Journal” an unpublished manuscript of rambling thoughts.

3-18-01 Sunday:
For six months, I have been suffering from confusion and inner turmoil, weighing the options and opportunities of my career in cancer research. Do I advance to a management position?
Or do I change jobs to coordinate a hospital cancer program?

I have sought advice from others and requested prayers from many friends. Still the conflict raged inside of me, leaving me tired and stressed. However, yesterday, I am happy to report that clarity and insight arrived in the most unusual way- in a container of polished rocks that my friend Steve had shipped to me from Alaska.

I was admiring their beauty together as a collection, but it wasn’t until I started to examine them individually that each rock began to speak to me. I found the black rock was not really black at all, but had streaks of blue, gray, green, and copper. Similarly, a white rock was multicolored with fascinating patterns that swirled. Each rock shared its unique beauty with me and I saw the divine and felt God’s presence in each one.

I then knew, if given the chance, that I could sit all day studying these rocks and I would find great pleasure and fulfillment from doing just that. You see, the rocks reminded me of my calling as an artist, which for me is the pursuit of the spirit, the divine, which transcends the material world and transports me beyond everyday reality, allowing me to walk closer with God. Thus my career path was made clear- to continue with my current job, which allows me the flexibility and time to let the artist within me grow and evolve.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me.
And thank you Steve for the rocks!

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