Sunday, April 26, 2009

Edible brain

4-26-09 edible brain

I had to post today to give another picture of a new morel discovery right out in the middle of the yard! It is close to a low spot, which leads me to think at one time there was a tree growing in this area.

Also I had to post today to use the suggestion of "edible brain" from Alice, my childhood neighbor/2nd mother figure. Alice reads my blog and she also is an artist and creative soul. Alice commented that the morel looks like a brain.... and she is so right about that!

Greg and I won't be eating our mushrooms this year, the lawn was treated last week I believe, but I'm not sure with what. We are using Hunt Lawn Service in KC. This is the lawn company owned by my friend Molly's husband Jeff. I still have to mow the lawn in DM. It's a small yard so that's not a big deal except when I'm out of town, then I have the neighborhood boy, Will, lined up to help me.

Happy Sabbath!
We will not be doing any yard work today. Going to visit Grace Presbyterian Church in KC, the 11:00 service to worship with one our our past minters- Kimby!

PS: All the oak trees are shedding their pollen this weekend and Greg is suffering with his allergies.

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  1. You are missing out on the Des Moines rain. Raining cats and dogs here. Have a safe drive home tomorrow.