Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Healthy Decision

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I’m hoping my sister will decide to really make the effort to eat more healthy in 2010. So this blog is for her.

My sister is like me, she doesn’t enjoy time in the kitchen and wants eating to be convenient and fast. Unfortunately, fast usually means unhealthy, but it doesn't have to, if you make just a little effort.

It’s true- I’m not the greatest cook, and my cooking and eating is centered more around body fuel and not for eating pleasure, so here are a few tips for my sister.

Couscous: Easy to use as a base for a meal; and only takes boiling some water in the microwave, mix and allow to set 5 minutes.. and it's ready to eat! I make without oil or butter.

I make a whole bowl, then keep in refrigerator and use small amounts for each meal I create.

So in a small bowl, I start with a ½ cup of the couscous, I pick some protein to add such as either a boiled egg, black beans, or left over chicken or even deli turkey meat. I next pick some vegetables to add, such as steamed broccoli and carrots. A large amount of vegetables can be steamed and used for a few days. I’ve also developed a taste for artichokes, since are easy to add from the can.

Next you can add a few sunflower seeds, nuts, or cashews to give some nice crunch and for a source of good fats.

Then find yourself some healthy sauce which tastes good to you, and just use a small amount to mix in. I’ve found this “Iron Chef” Orange Sauce with Ginger recently in the health food section of the grocery store. I love it!

Then a healthy habit to start is eating a snack mid morning and mid afternoon….. Just grab a piece of fruit: apple, banana or orange.

Healthy eating is a decision that can be EASY!

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