Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Starting 2010

1-5-10 New Year brain

My New Year's Eve was spent in KC this year. Friends Ann and Roy from Des Moines came to spend two nights on the Plaza and so Greg and I had a wonderful early dinner at the Grand Street restaurant party room with them. The food was fabulous! All four of us left full with happy taste buds.

We then hung out some in Ann and Roy's room on the 7th floor of the Intercontinental Hotel.....wonderful view! We didn't quite make it to midnight, but came close. The next day the four of us went out to Molly and Jeff's for a football party, but for me it was all about the food. For those of you who know Molly, you know the food was out of this world as usual!

Regarding the Rose Bowl football game which we watched.... my sympathy to my Oregon cousins. The Big Ten was the victor this time around.

Here I was having all this fun on vacation and still had two more days to go. Saturday and Sunday became "movie" days, since what else can you do when the wind chill is below zero, even in KC?! Greg and I saw "Up in the Air" on Saturday and I am now a George Clooney fan. Not sure why I never drooled over George before like many of my other girlfriends, but in this movie he is very handsome for sure! I liked the movie a lot... I found it interesting and thought provoking for me.

Sunday, Molly and I went to a movie while Greg was watching his beloved Cleveland Browns. We saw "It's Complicated"..... We both really enjoyed this movie and laughed a lot. Who knew "old people" could be so silly and have so much fun... oh wait! I'm "old"......

It's true, Life can get more complicated, interesting and FUN the older you get... and I'm hoping for all of this for my life in 2010!


  1. I do love this pic of KC and the Plaza.

  2. Keep doing the fun things. It helps keep the balance! I'm learning!