Monday, January 25, 2010

Now and then

1-25-10 reunion brain
Saturday night was a special dinner out, which had been planned for months, since it was a challenge getting five couples’ schedules to agree on one free evening.

Back in the mid 80’s, when I was single and living in Des Moines, I was fortunate to find a fun group of friends who had formed a co-ed softball team. Molly and I joined the team and I have stayed close friends with Kelley and Molly since then, the others I only see occasionally.... now and then.

So Saturday was kind of a small union and very special since Lori and Mark were there. I’m sure I haven’t seen them in 17 years. These four couples were all either dating at the time, or newly married…. I was single, along with a few other single people on the team. We’d have fun social times together outside of softball and our team stayed together for about 6 years, until slowly children were born, houses were bought and life got very busy.

It’s weird, but wonderful seeing old friends after a long gap. Nothing really seems to change, but yet there are years of history in their lives that I know nothing about….. yet visiting with them now seemed like time had stood still.

After dinner out at the Flying Mango, we all came over to our house and had dessert made by Kelley and Michele. Of course us women promised that we would organize this again, like maybe this summer… but life gets busy ….. family and work occupy our lives, and the months can so turn into years….. Yet making the effort to pause and reconnect with people from our past lives is very fun and gratifying.

I insisted on a picture to commemorate the occasion.



  1. Those were fun times. Does anyone even remember how Judy and I got on the team? I don't recall our way in to this wonderful group.

    Just for the record, the formal party photos were from August 1985.

  2. Molly,
    My memory is that we met Kelley and Barb out on a Friday night down at the afterwork party in Locust Mall basement... and you being the sports gal, jumped at the chance to play ball.. and I tagged along. It was Kelley's team... not sure how Kelley met Barb.