Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Large" toenail sketch

1-13-10 creative brain
After a year's absence, Monday night I returned to art class. In 2009, I was too wrapped up with possible move to KC, then buying our 2nd house, and I suppose blogging, and so I had decided to forgo formal classes last year.

It was good to take some time off, since I have been taking classes since 1998. With the year off, I was able to discover that I could motivate myself, and I could create art outside of class. Before, art class gave me structure and I had a set time every week to work on a project.

Returning to class Monday was nice and I enjoyed seeing old classmates and especially, seeing my teacher Mary, who I really missed.

I started this large landscape project in pastel. I'll show my progress after each class. Here, of course it doesn't look like much since I only got the first layer down. You maybe can make out the sky above and fields below.

Currently, I'm not feeling so excited about pastels like I use to. I'm still hooked on acrylic paints and I'm enjoying doing abstract crazy stuff like this. Since I had my eye surgery, about a year ago, I just love bold colors and watching the colors mix together fascinates me!

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  1. I started my new class tonight. It is acrylics. We only we allowed to use black and white in the first class to learn about contrast and mixing and blending color. She is a fun teacher, so I think I will like the class, especially when we get to use colors.