Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time Flys

1-12-10 resolution brain
I knew the anniversary was coming up in January.... but there it was on Saturday... and it slipped by me. 1-9-10, Saturday was my one year anniversary of my blog “Split in Two”. I’ve posted 335 blog entries, not quite one every day, put close! Its been a fun, creative, and mostly a positive activity…. But time consuming, which has been the down side.

Since I feel the purpose of my blog has been met, I’ve DECIDED that my one year anniversary will be a good time to transition my blog into something a bit different for 2010. What my blog will become?…. I’m still not sure, but for starters I’m going to take the pressure off of myself and only blog when I feel inspired.

Some weeks who knows, this might be daily, other weeks I’ll at least shoot for once per week. The key here is for me not to look at my blog as one more thing that needs to be completed each day. My “to do list” is already filling up fast for the next few months.

I believe my blog will continue to record the activities of my life, but not every detail needs to be written down each day. I know I've intended to cut back before, but it never seemed to happen. Am I just dedicated or a bit addicted, or more likely- just really self absorbed! ?

But for 2010, I know my attention needs to focus on work, at least for the first three months as I prepare training materials for March.Thus I'm taking up the philosophy of fellow blogger Ruth over at Synch-ro-ni-zing.... and blogging "whenever".....

...... although I do find recently that I have a lot of say and write about. But if I miss a day, don't panic... I will return, and "blog without obligation"!


  1. Don't blog for your readers. Just use your blog as your online journal of events and activities you want to put on paper. Writing is healthy. I agree about having it as 'one more thing' to check off the to do list. I've started taking the weekends off and it is nice.

  2. WOW - unbelievable..... wild ..... astounding...... incredible...... I can not believe that I have READ 335 blogs.........some times I amaze myself!

    Haha, good job Judy!