Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter wonderland

1-9-10 frozen brain
I’ve been in the house now pretty much all week due to the snow and minus zero wind chill temperatures. Not sure how much longer I can entertain myself. Sure the gazing at the window art of ice is fascinating, and time snuggling on the couch with Greg is quite a treat….But I also had to resort to time on the Internet.

And maybe this all isn’t a bad way to spend time in the winter.
I have even learned some things….. Like it’s time that I need to get more serious about taking care of myself. I’ve given my sister a hard time lately and now I need to look in the mirror.

I’ve been exploring the Vibrant Nation web site (for vibrant women of the boomer generation)… and I was wondering if I really am all that vibrant?

I loved this video. I think this is useful information for many of us!

If the link doesn't work, try copy/past this:

Which had me wandering to YouTube for awhile to view more from Becky Williamson. I enjoyed some Michael Jackson video’s too while I was there. Next I was bouncing around some blogs and I ended up with a sore right thumb. Good Grief…. Is arthritis setting in from all the computer “clicking” with my thumb? Could be! Time to get out the external mouse.

Molly gave us this new mouse pad for Christmas…. All of a sudden it is very useful, more than just a decoration. And thanks Molly for a peek at some springtime. I’m also enjoying the bulbs you gave us.

PS: if I hear another word about the Christmas “underwear bomber” I think I’m going hurl… guess I’m also listening too much to news radio. …. My bad!


  1. I think that we have become so accustom to being 'busy' that we don't know how to relax and enjoy the lack of stimulus (me included). If we aren't accomplishing something we feel like it is a wasted day. I think we start to notice our surroundings when we take time to slow down, the the ice on the window. I am the opposite in that I rarely watch world news, rarely know what it going on in the world past Des Moines and my goal is to start reading up on some topics, surfing more, getting a little more informed so I'm not so apathetic. I admire you because you are well-versed in a lot of areas. I also know I need to get out of the hosue once a day, even if it is to walk to the mailbox or feed the birds. Just the ritual of getting bundled up is good for my soul.

  2. You're coming out of the dark and come back to us in DSM.

  3. I've been staying in, too! Even though I'm pretty sure we haven't had as bad weather as you guys. I've been making myself stay away from the computer lately, but not entirely, of course. It's hard to do when it's sitting right there in the living room! I'd rather be on the computer than watch TV, that's for sure.

    I do have to force myself outside a few times a day to take care of the chickens and scatter some feed for the birds. Thank goodness, or I wouldn't have found the baby kitten yesterday!

  4. Judy, thanks for getting me out of the house today also! It was good to get some fresh air. AND I love the denim coat you found!

  5. more on that - Monday!

  6. judy - sometimes i think you think too hard :)

  7. Renee, you are right, I'm taking this blogging too serious. Gee who got me started at this?... oh yea... YOU... and Lori!