Friday, January 29, 2010

Hope in the air?

1-29-10 hopeful brain
Wednesday I took off work early, jumped in the car and drove to KC. When I arrived late afternoon I found sunshine, a temperature of 40 degrees and ground with no snow cover. Greg and I even went for an half hour walk and I saw a Robin!

I’m not saying it’s spring like down here yet, but it sure beats the endless snow-white scenery of Iowa. … and I can now start to feel a little HOPE return to my mood.

Wednesday night I listened to the President give his address to the nation. Likewise I’m not saying all is rosy with our country, but the President acknowledged and shared our sense of frustration with the U.S. political climate. Obama came on strong, which helped me to feel a little more HOPE for the coming year.

Now, if these dang Congress people would start working for us, the American people, rather than the lobbyist and corporations, maybe things could start to improve.

First start bringing back some job for U.S. workers!
Second, stop blaming the deficit on Obama.... I know most of us want to forget 2000-2008... but we can't. We need to deal with it!

And we need to be thankful that we have a recession, not a depression, thanks to Bush starting the bank bail out & Obama holding the course on that. I know we all hated giving money to those misbehaving, but it had to be done. Now, we can't let ourselves be put in that position again. CHANGE needs to happen!


  1. Just a thought Judy - Obama was a senator some of thoe years when Bush was President. If you check his voting history, you will see he voted for many of Bush's policies. He also voted for the bailout. Obama needs to stand on his own two feet and stop blaming Bush for everything. Every President inherits a "few things" he/she would rather not have to deal with. Also, Obama's words to the Supreme Court on their recent ruling, was simply embarrasing and extremely disrespectful. The Des Moines Register wrote an editorial in the paper this morning on how wrong it truly was - the register is exremely liberal and very pro-Obama. Had to respond Judy - sorry. Kelley

  2. This is America! I like and respect when people talk back to me!

    I agree the blame game is getting old. The Rep blame Clinton (still), the Dems blame Reagan and Bush... Feels like no one can move ahead.... what I learn in church is about forgiveness is the way to start the healing process. How does this happend?

    I'll have to read the paper when I get back to DM. I know nothing about the etiquette of the State of the Union... seems the President can say what ever he wants, it's his speech and he has the floor.