Monday, February 1, 2010

Short and Sweet

1-2-10 brevity brain
Several years ago I heard a story on NPR about “the Six Word Story”, and I always remember the example they gave of a Six Word Story written by Ernest Hemingway… he wrote “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Wow, what a talent to be able to convey in one short sentence, a whole story, just the bare bones, so eloquently brief, yet full, and lacking nothing…. And the interesting part is that us, the reader, will use our imagination to put the flesh on the bare bones of this story. Each reader then will come up with their own unique story from these six words.

I was reminded of this Six Word Story again this weekend from an article in the KC Star Newspaper. They asked readers to submit their own Six Word Story, some are Six Word memoirs, or autobiographical.

Some of my favorites were:
“Life’s funny secret: some assembly required." Scott Murphy of KC
“Unemployed, almost broke… happier than ever.” Tamra R. Batt
“Life is all about Plan B” Lisa Engelken
“Found job finding other people jobs” Mary Scherzer
“Kids are grown, NOW we’re friends” Laurie Burgess
“Born, Lived, Loved, Bored, Wrote this” Stephe Sprouse
“Married my best friend, lucky me." Douglas Wylie

Back when I first heard about this on NPR, I too attempted to write a story, my story, with only six words. It is a challenge…. But mine goes like this:
“Although broken, forgiveness made her whole.”

It is so short, sweet, and true…. Plus less chance to misspell something!

Recently I discovered an interesting blog which posts a picture weekly, and asks the readers to make a Six Word Caption for the picture. Thought I’d tell you about it and you could challenge yourself as I like to do weekly. It’s part of my mental exercises!

You’ll find this on the right panel of my blog- called : Six-Word Caption (or click on this link)


  1. Not broken, lifelong work in progress.

  2. or..... yous not broken, yous under construction

  3. "Not broken, lifelong work in progress".... that's a good one Molly.... works well for YOU!

  4. I loved hearing about these again. And I had never visited M's blog, though I've visited her others! Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Ruth, I bet you have written a six word story... care to share?

    PS: this one is from my sister-
    "Hopeful, relying on fresh starts daily"