Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Art surprises

2-10-10 creative brain
MORE snow this week…..AND I am snow bound once again...Not much to do in the evenings, so great chance to spend time playing with my paints.

Recently I’ve been working on several projects as surprises for some special people. Art is such a unique gift to give to others, since it can be created to be very personal. That’s one of my favorite things about creating art.

Here is sneak peak of one, which I hope will get mailed off to the recipients this weekend. Full story to come next week.

Also here is a simple “doodle” I did last week for my friend Ann. She likes to refer to us as “Peas and Carrots”…. I have been informed that I am the “peas”.

I suppose this comes from Forrest Gump, since Ann is an avid movie buff. My hope is that she will hang it in her kitchen.... once I get it framed.


  1. wow, looks awesome...what a wonderful gift!

  2. Peas, you know I will. Love ya, Carrots