Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seeking a shift in brain waves

2-25-10 frozen brain
I am still struggling to find my inner peace today…. My personal weather is still gloomy. I came to KC on Saturday, arriving to the most beautiful brown grass, sunny skies and temperatures around 36 degrees…. This seemed like Heaven to me! But within an hour of my arrival, the snow began to fall here.

Oh yes, it was a gorgeous snow, huge wet flakes, falling from the sky… spring-like snow which melts on ground contact… but into the evening the snow starting piling up and covered my beautiful brown grass. Temperatures which should average 45 degrees in KC this time of year, were as cold as Iowa.

My gloom continues as I think about how Bin Laden really pulled one over on us. The air planes were painful *bee stings. But our reaction, instead of swatting at the insect (Afghanistan in 2002)…. Was instead to spend our whole pay check on calling Orkin to spray over at an "evil" house across town (Iraq, if you can‘t follow my analogy)…. Because someone convinced us that was where the beehive was located.

Now, all our money is spent, along with the tax cut money early in GW’s first term. The theory of that move, I’ll never understand. Give more money to the rich, so they can be more generous to the poor?…Oh are they trying that “trickle down thing again!?”…. Oh ya,.... and so they can create more jobs for the poor…. Well I wonder where all those jobs were in 2000 to 2009? Hows that working for you Sarah? Funny I never heard how successful THAT was!

I apologize for my mood….. Which I hope and pray will be put to rest when I board a train this evening, heading for the SW. I hope my dandelion-weeds will soon turn to golden flowers! I won’t allow myself to blog again until my brain shifts!....

Until then.....

*footnote: I realize if you lost a loved-one on 9-11, my analogy seems heartless, to equate 9-11 with a bee sting. Lost of life is always painful, no matter the cause. I read 36,000 people in the US die of seasonal flu per year.... So I'm referring more to the numbers lost in my analogy. Sorry...I'm really NOT trying to be like Ann Coulter here.


  1. Ok I can't keep quiet on this one... J.U.D.Y.... you need to quit thinking politics so much because I'm afraid that is what's causing you so much misery. There isn't anything that anyone can do to change the past. You can only pray that the future brings something better. Worrying about it won't help. It's kind of like when my girls were growing up and something would happen in their lives that they thought (in their minds) was just the end of the world. I've have to snap them back into reality and set them back on course. I don't like the world the way it is and I surely don't like what's happened in the past. I'm not saying I'm right or left. I'm just saying that we can all think and say what we want but what will be will be. I guess what I'm saying is that you just have to BELIEVE that things will get better. I don't like it when you're gloomy :( because that's not your nature! peace sister :)

  2. You are right Renee, too much “News” down here in KC. Depressing…. Someone is either getting shot, raped or doing stupid things. Greg tells me there is more bad news since the population is 4 times that of DM, so 4 times the trouble. I am also frustrated by how some people blame Obama for the huge deficit, and I don’t understand why they weren’t speaking up back 8 to 10 years ago when this all started.
    I need to escape for awhile!

  3. Get your whiney butt on the train and come back in a better mood. I will be home March 12 and hope to see a happier sister. Two middle schools in Chatt. where on lock down yesterday for drugs and guns. I see pre K kids everyday who seem to already be "locked" into a life of no hope that they dont even know. They want a smile and a hug. Smile at someone on the train to night and say will feel better. Tell Karin I LOVE Her lots.

  4. I am amused by the role reversal taking place here. Usually I’m kicking my sister’s butt and trying to get her to “shape up”…. I do appreciate your words Jan. I am in a funk…. Maybe sniffles coming on…. Oh no, not the curse of AZ! BUT if I get a cold, I'd rather be in bed in the warmer climate.

  5. Still drinking that red zinger tea?...better get some of that and some always makes me feel better physically.

  6. LOL I'd like to meet your sister :)