Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lollipop Man

2-17-10 silly brain

My friend Ann is an admitted “news junkie”…. Her favorite news person is Anderson Cooper. Ann talks about needing her “AC fix” each evening. She thinks he is very good- looking guy, (and who could argue)…. Ann has a BIG crush on AC, although she knows perfectly well that she (not being a he) is not Anderson’s type. … but a girl can dream can’t she?

Ann’s two biggest loves probably are AC and the TV show “Amazing Race”… I’m guessing here, that Ann’s biggest fantasy wish then would be to be a contestant on Amazing Race and have AC has her partner. Ann loves traveling and to do it with AC would be a dream come true.

So, I will help grant part of her fantasy wish. I created Anderson Cooper on a stick for her to take along on her upcoming 3 week Europe study trip through Drake University.

Ann can even keep AC on a stick to accompany her to the Iowa State Fair this summer, since many a delicious delicacies are offered “on a stick” at the State fair.

AC and I have matching blue eyes!.... boy do I need a hair cut!


  1. I'm glad your creativity is alive and well and not stuck in a snow drift somewhere! I like how you cope with winter.

  2. Judy, send this message to your dad too.

    I'm crying, lauging and just about to pee my pants. Peas knows her carrots way too much and that will for sure make my carry on luggage.

    How did I survive 49 years w/out my bud Judy!. She makes me laugh, cry, smile and think! I hope I do the same.

    Can't wait to get me my AC 360! And I might just send him this blog note.

  3. celebrate my 50th birthday in 2010, and my love of travel and "racing around the world...I will carry my AC and Judy w/ me.

  4. Glad you liked your surprise Ann! Yes the peas and carrots are often in tune with each other. Should I put my picture on the back of AC? Just kidding.

    Pick in AC on a stick anytime!

  5. I'm thinking if Ann doesn't wear AC out on her trip to Europe and he does make it to the State Fair, she can also use him to fan her off if she gets hot! ;) I've also thought he was rather good looking, too!

  6. and Ann can take AC on RAGBRAI also.

    Is he really gay?

  7. Ann will have to answer that, since she is the AC "know it all"... I'm sure AC might even join the girls weekend, IF we allow that sort of thing!?

  8. Molly, I know he is not married or engaged to a woman, and to keep my fantasy alive, I refuse to believe the rummors and chatter on the internet. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!