Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Live and learn

2-3-10 humiliation brain
Saturday in KC, Greg and I had lunch with my college roommate Teresa and I had to eat a serving of crow. Teresa was kind and didn’t bring up the sore subject, but I did. I was wrong and I like to admit to it when I’m wrong.

I was a John Edwards supporter… need I say more?

I was even motivated to do neighborhood canvassing for him and hosted an Edwards worker in our guest room for the month of Dec/Jan leading up to the Iowa Caucus. That was the one bright spot in my snowballing-discouraged spirit. Heather, the Edwards’ worker, was a wonderful young women, smart, funny, an inspiring. I will hold onto that good memory. In a short period of time, she became like family, and her mother even flew out and joined us for Christmas dinner. Her mother was one cool lady too.

Looking at this picture puts a smile on my face and does comfort me.

Teresa and her husband, my most conservative friends, had warned me back at that time, that Edwards was a “pretty-boy” fraud. Boy, I just didn’t see it. I liked what he was saying and I really believed in his strong family bond.

I don’t mind the affair so much; everyone makes mistakes, but I HATE the LYING. I’m totally fed up with the LYING that seems all too common place these days.

Relationships are based on honestly. If you can’t be honest with yourself, and be honest with others, you will have dysfunctional relationships.

I’m happy to say that Greg and I both had learned this lesson prior to meeting each other. Each of us had experienced being hurt by betrayal, and we both had done our own share of stupid things to hurt others. So luckily when we met, we both understood and believed in the importance of honesty.

Well enough said, time to move on…. With one more layer of my naive innocence pealed away…. I’m still a bit raw, but I’ll heal….. HOW? I have to forgive John Edwards.


  1. We also have to learn from the mistakes of others. We can't live long enough to learn what we need to know from our own mistakes! Thanks for the reality check on honesty. I agree.

  2. I hang my head in shame, too, Judy. I was also an Edwards supporter at one time, until he trashed Hilary Clinton at the debates. I always knew there was something about him, but I didn't trust my instincts because he was such a consummate liar and had me convinced my instincts were wrong. Never again! I don't think I CAN forgive him.

  3. Susan, forgive to heal yourself... it's all about letting go so the negativity won't hurt you any longer.