Friday, February 12, 2010

Friendship and fun

2-12-10 giggling brain The only thing keeping me sane this winter, when I'm here in Des Moines alone and Greg is in Kansas City.... is time with my girlfriends.

Wednesday night neighbor Deb invited me over for dinner. She made panini sandwiches, I brought the salad and Carolyn brought the wine and chocolates(Sue was absent due to her schedule).
This dinner was all good enough to lift my spirits... but the addition of Wii Dance with the laughter and exercise which ensued... was just the medicine I needed to get me through this week.

Video was taken of our first attempt of the evening. We did improve as the night went on! Wii Dance has mats which you step on and you are scored on how well you follow the arrows guide steps on the TV screen. Click on the "play" arrow below.

1 comment:

  1. How many glasses of wine later?!!! Love the squeaky mat and your laugh is so infectious! Was your friend in the back just kinda doing her own thing? LOVED it!!!