Monday, February 22, 2010

Thawing in the USA?

2-22-10 hopeful brain
Sure things aren't perfect for everyone, and there is suffering, but I do believe actions taken have helped keep our country from a major depression crisis for now.

Some people wanted to do nothing.... just let the whole system fail.... the less government the better. But why would our country commit suicide like that?


We are not out of the woods yet.... but we can not address the huge deficit until we are stable.

Some say we can't afford to pay for Health Care.... I believe we cannot afford NOT to act on Health Care. Health Care is part of the drain on US companies, and a reason to move jobs overseas where this cost is not directly paid for my an employer.

For example, As people loose jobs, the number of people with employee health care declines, then the pool of people and money declines, the insurance companies have to raise rates since the risk pool is smaller.

Another example, As insurance prices increase, people like my husband who have a choice in which insurance company to be carried by, seek out more inexpensive coverage.... again shrinking the pool of people and money for MY insurance company... thus my rates keep going up more and more.

AND when people get sick who don't have any coverage, someone ends up paying for it in the long run.... you and I do, by higher insurance rates. We all pay for everyone else already now, wouldn't it be better to have a more uniform and transparent system in place?

I just don't understand the concept of "free markets" when it comes to people's health.... but then there is a lot of things I don't understand about the world we live in......

.... sorry just rambling today.....


  1. Judy, I am absolutely in total agreement with you here! IMO, there is only one real solution and that is universal and equal health care for ALL, not just for those who can afford it. This health care reform bill is so watered down it's pathetic, but at least it's a start.

  2. Two of your points lead to my conclusion, we do not have a healthcare crisis.......... we have an jobs and economic crisis. The money we are sending to fight foreign wars needs to be brought back home and invested here. Healthcare is just fine and even needs funded for future development, it is not the issue.

    So there is my two cents worth.

  3. Well let me think on that Molly. Yes if we did not go to war... and jobs were not sent overseas, so we had good empolyment and people had jobs.... hummmmm.....
    But I do believe the percent GNP spent on healthcare has increased dramaticly over the last few decades.... we need to find a way to pay for the new technologies..... of course maybe new technologies provide new jobs....
    This is way over my head! But something to consider.

  4. more.... BUT people shouldn't have to go bankrupt if they are unlucky and get sick. Wasn't that the point of insurance- to cover the big stuff?