Thursday, February 4, 2010

Neck to neck...

2-4-10 healthy brain

Something else to “worry” about…. Neck Size!

I heard a news story last night about how neck size can indicate the risk for heart disease. The larger size, the more risk. The average neck size for women was 13.5 inches and 18 inches for men.

Of course I rushed upstairs to find my tape measure.....

The research team speculated that a fat neck may be a "crude measure" of upper body fat - which has been associated with heart risks. They are finding that health depended not on how fat a person was, but where their fat was located. (Good! Most of my fat is in the rear)

My neck measured 12.5 inches, and although my neck is starting to sag, I guess I have to appreciate how "healthy" it is.

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  1. Well, ain't that just dandy. It has been nice knowing you!