Friday, February 19, 2010

Wedding art gift

2-19-10 creative brain

The Wedding Art Gift has arrived safely to its intended destination, and was graciously accepted, so now I can tell you....the rest of the story.

Bronze bodies, sun, sand, blue water, salt air, palm trees, and LOVE were my inspiration for this piece of artwork.

The background includes the words "love & peace" and "Shelby & Mike"

Back story:
My co-worker friend, Renee had a break from the Iowa cold & snow in January…. her daughter, Shelby, was married on a tropical island, January 23rd. We were invited, but had to decline since a luxurious vacation in the tropics was not in our 2010 budget…. You know- two mortgages to cover now. It would have been a perfect time to be away on vacation, since this was the week we had our ice storm.

But after viewing the many photos from this trip, I felt as if I had been there, and I was inspired to create some personal art for the newlyweds, Shelby and Mike.

If you like viewing wedding pictures, check out Renee's blog from here.


  1. Judy, your talent continues to amaze me! This is just beautiful and I KNOW Shelby and Mike were very touched and love it! You're one of my favorite artists... I just can't go into a gift shop and make a purchase! :) Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift. I wish you had been with us, too!

  2. I think you captured all of the elements in your original artwork. You would have loved the trip.

  3. Renee, I take orders.... I currently have two projects lined up, but feel free to request any time. I do have some created but not framed, but I really like to have suggestions of color which might accent a room in your house. This summer come visit and we can create together.

  4. Judy - I love it!!! How lovely - what a perfect wedding gift.

  5. I can't afford your art! You need to get it mass produced so it's in my price range :)