Thursday, February 11, 2010

My snowman theory

2-11-10 experimental brain

I received this map via email yesterday.

It’s funny, but only because it is so true. We have been getting snow every few days, often followed by sub-freezing temperatures.

Everyone is totally sick of this winter weather here in Iowa. We are at our wits end… what can we do?

I have a theory: work with me here people!

In every house I’ve been in this winter, I have been greeted with snowmen decorations. I myself decorated my fireplace mantel in December, knowing I could leave this through January.

I am proposing that we all take down our snowmen decorations NOW!
A shift like this could cause a shift in the energy of us all, and this in turn could effect the partials in the atmosphere, and shift the jet stream?

I think it is worth a try, don’t you? I took down my decorations last night and I’m encouraging you too, to do the same….. And then pass the word around!!

It’s time to invite spring into our lives!

Lent begins next week.... maybe it's time to start dreaming of bunnies and Easter eggs?


  1. I agree! I took down all my snowmen last weekend, removed my blog background of snow a few weeks ago and have the mindset of summer! Or at least spring. Or how about LOVE! I did put up a few 'warm' valentine hearts. ANYTHING!

  2. I have some snowmen on the pot my paperwhite are in, so i can not really put them away yet. Is it OK if I put sticky notes over their faces?

  3. Paperwhite bulbs in a snowman pot... that's really messing with fung-su energy. (I think I spelled that wrong).... Yes, cover up with pink or red tissue papper for Valentines Day!
    PS Happy Valentines DAy early...