Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A new snow theory

2-16-10 warmed by love brain

My neighbors Carolyn and Steve were on board to test my snowman theory. They had removed their outdoor snowman display on Friday and replaced it with a valentine beach-girl wind sock along with the palm tree lights.

Greg and I both had successful trips this weekend. Greg enjoyed the car show, and meeting up with his long time friend Tom. I enjoyed a visit with my parents and my friend Ann tagging along with me. I was beginning to believe that our snowman decoration removal theory was starting to work, since I experienced mostly sunshine up in my hometown on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. However, when I returned back to DM, I found out DM actually got 4 inches of fresh snow when I was gone.

Oh well, I was happy to miss that and happy that I got a short break from looking at these same 4 walls of the DM house. Of course Monday was a return to MORE snow flying in Des Moines, with bitterly cold winds causing snow drifting. More shoveling for me Monday morning as Greg and I prepared to go to our tax appointment.

Neighbor Steve walked by and had the nerve to say, "Isn't the snow beautiful"... or something positive like that.... I came close to dumping a shovel full of snow on his head when I stopped and took a breath and looked around.... he was right... the snow IS beautiful. And in that instant my new snow theory was formed. "Stop Fighting It" and Embrace the Snow".... it's a type of "zen theory" I guess.

The only way to survive this winter now is by laughing every time it snows... welcoming the snow, and rooting for us to break more historic snow fall records.... making it now a "snow game" of sorts.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more about the snow! I'm trying to make the best of it, but I'm afraid my attitude could be better. Tell your neighbors I love the Valentine Beach Girl. So cute!

  2. So, I guess you'll never move to Michigan?

  3. Ruth, I guess I'm whining so much cause the snow has been on the ground for 71 straight days. Usually we get a Jan thaw, or a Feb thaw.... not this year.