Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring has arrived!

2-18-10 refreshed brain

There has been a shift in conditions here in Iowa and it probably had nothing to do the taking down the snowman decorations or the zen approach to "embracing the snow"….. You see, the change has not been so much in the weather, but the change has been in ME. The “spring in my step” has finally returned!

This last week I went for a much needed acupuncture appointment, attended Lenten service at church, trimmed my own bangs (not recommended, see picture below), AND I also shaved my legs (first time since November).

Greg was correct when he told me to “create and carry my own weather with me”…. it’s all about your attitude. I know that of course, but it is often easier said than done.

A week with several sunshine days has also helped, in spite of the cold temperatures.

OOOPS! Maybe a little too much off the bangs!


  1. Love that quote from Greg, Carry your own weather with you! Profound.

  2. Love that saying! I need to do more of that and a lot less of bitching and whining. Thanks for the inspiration.