Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Landscape or Skyscape

1-27-10 creative brain
Art class: WEEK 1

Art class: WEEK 2
I started to develop the clouds last week... but not sure IF I'm totally happy with them. I might need to work them a bit more, since I think they look a little too much like popcorn. However, I am going for "happy" clouds and NOT rain clouds.

I'm starting to build a farm in the horizon, and now I see in this picture that I shouldn't have this exactly in the middle of the picture. There is some design "rule" about not putting the focus in the middle.... or something like that!

Art Class WEEK 3: Class was canceled due to more bad winter weather, yet another blizzard hit Iowa! WOW 2010 winter is one for the history books!

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  1. I just had week three of my Art Class. It has been fun and I have two masterpieces done - HAHA.