Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life in my home office

1-26-10 brain dead

Life in my home office is mostly sweet, since I can come and go as I please AND wear my PJ’s if I want to.

However, it’s not all rosy here. I have to be my own IT person. Monday I was having trouble, something was not working right with my home computer. This is what I faced…. Dust bunnies and mass of wires.

After an hour I was successful, and also put some order to the wires.

I did found something not connected and I don’t know what it goes to.

I have to admit when I was doing this, I was cussing at Greg. In my frustration I was feeling like he had moved out with a fresh start in a clean and organized house, and left me with all the mess here in Des Moines. But yes, I also have to admit that I cause a lot of the mess in my office…. But I had nothing to do with hooking up the electronics in this room over the years…. But I learned a lot about it yesterday.

Today, thanks to my computer issue yesterday, a quarter of the office is clean and organized…. The other three fourths will have to wait until I get inspired…. Which is hard to do with more winter blizzard weather and NO sunshine. My energy has all been used up by shoveling.

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